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On Wednesday, June 7th, 1967, one of my first Bible teachers turned on the radio as he drove to work and heard the one thing that he never expected to ever hear. Jerusalem and the Temple Mount were in the hands of Israel. In Bible college, he had been taught that The Rapture would happen at the moment that this occurred. So, when he got to work, he called his wife. No answer. He called his mom. No answer. He called his pastor. No answer.

For a moment in time, he had missed The Rapture.

Teachers of Bible prophecy struggled to understand how they could have gotten it wrong - but, only for a moment. Instead of looking again at their understanding of prophecy, they redefined what it means to control Jerusalem and moved on (Luke 21:24). They failed in their test of truth, but my Bible teacher did not.

He and his wife gnawed on this problem until they realized that Gog and Magog must come before the Antichrist arrives. When confronted with evidence of their own error, they chose truth, instead of something more comfortable.

Fast forward fifty years, and I found myself caught in the midst of my own struggle with Bible prophecy. I had just finished the 4th edition of Ezekiel's Fire, and realized that I was missing a vital bit of proof about timing. That’s when I discovered that Bible teachers could not prove when Gog and Magog come – which coincides with Ezekiel's Fire. That left me with a glimmer of hope that maybe – just maybe – my timing was wrong and that we would not see the awful catastrophe that I had just described.

So, I launched into a reexamination of the prophets who spoke of this great invasion of Israel, hoping to find evidence that it would occur after the Antichrist appeared. To my dismay, I found not only confirmation that I was right, but evidence that Ezekiel's Fire was much bigger than I expected. I discovered it in Revelation 6 and that it was not merely a superflare but a nova event and earthquake so big that billions of people would die. Billions.

Worse, I discovered that this would probably happen within our lifetime.

The events occurring right now have no precedent in human history. Never have we had so much power, influence and knowledge. Never have we been able to produce so much food, so much wealth or so many gigantic cities. Never since Abraham have we lived so long and had such comfortable lives. And never has any civilization ever rushed to the brink of total catastrophe so quickly.

For ten years, I've written about the forces driving our civilization to its inevitable collapse, and it has become clear to some of us that the first four seals of Revelation Six are all about the shattering of our way of life. And, only after the Seven Seals have all been opened will the Antichrist and his system rise from the rubble.

Unfortunately, you and I have been blind to these events that are crashing down upon us. Our vision has been obscured by preconceived notions about what the Last Days would be like. We held an irrational view of how durable our way of life was. We thought that our lives would continue as normal until the Antichrist miraculously took the stage.

We just couldn't imagine it any other way.

But, there comes a time when God tests our foolish notions - giving us an opportunity to look again at what the prophets say. They have been speaking for thousands of years, and we must hear them - or fail our test and suffer the consequences.

You can ignore the prophets, but... cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring the prophets.

One way of looking at what they said, is to examine a specific event that several of them describe independently. Think of such events as signposts, and one of them is Gog and Magog. That signpost is also labeled ‘The Return of Jacob’. There’s also one called Jacob’s Trouble. Another is ‘The King of the North’. The one that I call ‘Ezekiel’s Fire’ could just as easily have been called Isaiah’s Sun – or Zechariah’s Horses. But, since we want to correct the timeline of the Last Days, we should focus on Gog and Magog, to find out When Gog Comes.

Understanding the timing of When Gog Comes unlocks all that, and so much more.

It will confirm Ezekiel's Fire and show us the Ride of the Four Horsemen of Revelation 6. And, this knowledge will help us survive, so that we can continue the purpose of the gospel that has been set before us.

Those who survive and prosper will have the greatest opportunity to share the gospel in almost two thousand years. When prophecy unfolds before their eyes, the world will see that the Bible's description of God is true and that there is no other name than Jesus Christ by which we can be saved.

But we first must pass a test:

When does Gog come?


NOTE: This book was completed just two weeks before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The speed of events described have now accelerated.


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