About John Little

John Little John accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior almost 50 years ago. He’s been passionate about his commitment to God, even passionately wrong sometimes. He now hopes to share some of the insights gleaned from time spent in the Bible and 26 years in Asia.

John’s career began in the computer industry in Indiana, before working in financial services for an investment firm in Jerusalem. After a couple years writing about price-to-earnings ratios and the Hang Seng index, he went on to write for a Texas-based computer company, in Tel Aviv, and then a software company, in Jerusalem. When the dot-com bubble burst, he wound up in a small company in Kfar Saba, followed by a tiny encrypted email communications firm in Givat Ram. Back in Indiana, he wrote for a state government IT department.

In 2010, John went back to Asia, to do evangelism. He’s not very good at it, but it’s the attempt that counts.

And an MBA? Oh yeah, he has one of those too. He keeps it in the closet somewhere.

John is married to the most beautiful woman on the planet, and he tells everyone that she’s the second-best thing that ever happened to him. This gives him a chance to talk about the First-Best. Everyone who knows him, has lots of sympathy for Mrs. Little.

Right now, John lives in Taiwan. The southern part. It’s hot there.

You can also find lots of his writing here:


Now, if John can get back to writing in the first person, he’d appreciate it.


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